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Epoq is an independent, innovative, multidisciplinar and carbon-neutral graphic design studio based in Madrid and Barcelona, working with individuals, businesses and entities that want to make a difference. We work closely with clients from all over the world, helping them by cultivating a strong visual presence across every platform and increasing their brand value through fresh and memorable visual solutions. We do this through customer insight, art direction, graphic design, branding, website development, photography, content creation and social media.

Epoq constantly surpassed our expectations in their ability to meet our very short turnaround requirements and vast array of briefs, while delivering expertly designed projects time and time again. It was an absolute pleasure to deal with them on a personal level as well, making the whole experience 10/10. Thanks again team!

Eliot Cunningham Co-founder, Future Kind

I’ve been working with Epoq Studio team for 5 years and hope to keep doing it for many more. Their quality, the elegance of their final products, and their committed and proactive way of working are an added value we haven’t found anywhere else. They are really part of the team. Thanks for all these years of great work and support!

Cristina Fernandez IE Professor and Director Strategy and Development at Provost Office, Instituto Empresa (IE)

The longstanding partnership with Epoq Studio proves immensely valuable for WWF. With their exceptional creativity and expertise, the agency has not only helped solidify the WWF brand image but also consistently pushed its boundaries. From crafting memorable logos to designing comprehensive brochures, Epoq Studio impresses time and again. Their deep understanding of our brand allows them to transcend mere corporate design, all while keeping our target audience at the forefront. We're grateful to have such a reliable partner like Epoq Studio by our side and encourage anyone seeking outstanding creative prowess to entrust their next projects to them.

Thomas Schlembach Graphic Designer Brand Management & Development, WWF Germany