Shaping ideas for a positive impact.

Epoq is an independent, innovative, multidisciplinar and carbon-neutral graphic design studio based in Madrid and Barcelona, working with individuals, businesses and entities that want to make a difference. We work closely with clients from all over the world, helping them by cultivating a strong visual presence across every platform and increasing their brand value through fresh and memorable visual solutions. We do this through customer insight, art direction, graphic design, branding, website development, photography, content creation and social media.


We create conscious design to help clients make a positive impact. Above all, we believe sustainable and circular design is common-sense and everything we create should be kind to our planet and should aim to be a long lasting solution.


We design and craft visual experiences based on a deep understanding of customer’s needs. We follow a design thinking approach to make sure we are customer centric, therefore reflecting and communicating the core brand values.

The co-founder of Epoq, Monica Howe, is highly creative with a sympathetic eye, vivid imagination and strong sense of compassion. It is clear their work is the result of first resolving human needs, then business objectives.

Zoe Robson Head of Innovation, Architas, UK

Epoq Studio is founded by exceptional creative minds, with the ability to rapidly understand a problem and produce well informed, highly relevant and expertly crafted solutions.

Alex Lowe Co-founder of We are what Works, UK